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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

Pain is in itself a very useful and valuable resource although at the time we would all probably disagree. It tells us when something is generally wrong and we should all take heed of our bodies cries for help and pain is one of them… Although we would all like to ultimately increase our comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement and function, we also want to be aware of and pay attention to pain and its discomforts.

What is a deep tissue sports massage?

Deep tissue massage is a deeper form of massage which addresses structures within the muscle and facia that may be inhibited and is sometimes referred to as a Sports Massage simply because, generally, sportspeople receive more injuries through their activities. This does not exclude others from a ‘deep massage’ at all…

Deep tissue massage uses a variety of manual techniques which are designed to promote stress relief and relaxation.  So it’s not all painful as some would have us believe although it may be. This type of massage also uses techniques to mobilize various structures and to relieve pain and swelling.

A principal aim of deep tissue and sports massage is to promote functional independence, offer relief from pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

How it affects the body and how we feel

Soft tissue mobilization techniques

Along with massage techniques used, we can also use soft tissue mobilizations that include stretching techniques for muscles and tendons along with neural structures such as nerves. Some of these techniques used are listed below with a brief outline of how they are employed.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Strain-counter Strain Technique

Positional Release Therapy

This is one of the most gentle and most effective techniques available for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction:

Active Release Technique

ART was developed to correct soft tissue problems in muscle, tendon, and fascia caused by the formation of fibrotic adhesions (knots) that result from:

ART provides a way to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of cumulative trauma disorder that left uncorrected can lead to inflammation, adhesions, and fibrosis and muscle imbalances.

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Treatment sessions are all-inclusive, which means you may receive two or three different types of treatment. Three sessions from £180 (the equivalent of £60 per session).

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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

– An old Buddhist saying by Haruki Murakami