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Treating Wrist and Hand Pain

Wrist and hand pains can make daily life tasks difficult. Choose Hull Sports Massage today and we can help you find a simple pain-relief solution that works for you.

Acute Wrist and Hand Pain

A large part of the brain is reserved to look after the wrist and hand muscles. This versatile part of our body is designed to handle the most delicate of activities such as sewing and crafts but can also act as a weapon in martial arts. 

If an unexpected object comes into sudden contact with your hand or wrist then it may cause damage and interfere with its fine control. Its many bones may suffer strains and sprains causing wrist pain, hand injuries and wrist joint pain requiring wrist pain relief.

wrist pain

Different types of hand pain problems

People experience different types of hand pain and wrist pain as a result of either a sports injury or from strenuous work that involves hand and wrist movement. Some of the other known names for hand injury are:

Please note: There are so many bones and joints in fingers and wrists that makes self-diagnosis of a sprain or break quite difficult. Seek medical advice for an accurate consultation.

Effective treatment and rehabilitation for wrist and hand pain

At Hull Sports Massage, we specialise in offering various types of physical therapy treatments that can be effective in reducing your symptoms, so you can perform your daily tasks with minimal pain. Some of our treatments include:

Some of our rehabilitation solutions include:

Discover the right treatment for you

If you have been experiencing pain in your wrist or hand then we are here to help. We offer comprehensive and expert treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries that are related to sports, work or lifestyle injuries. Speak with our team today to book a consultation.

Experience better health with specialist therapy today

Treatment sessions are all-inclusive, which means you may receive two or three different types of treatment. Three sessions from £180 (the equivalent of £60 per session).

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