G5 Exercise and Injury Massage available at Hull Sports Massage.

G5 Exercise and Injury

G5 Gyratory Massager available at Hull Sports Massage.Exercise and injury, how the G5 can help

The G5 is a gyratory massager which employs modern technology to enhance mechanical massage techniques…
Most injuries repair with scar tissue (immature fibrocytes) if you continue training normally whilst injured you will break the scar tissue down as it is forming, this will then lead to the formation of more scar tissue so the injury will drag on. Fibrocytes are soft tissues which have become fibrous and possibly bound together, which in turn are easy to damage, meaning, the area is more prone to re-injure.

Experience the innovative DIRECTIONAL STROKING technique … A simultaneous movement to increase venous flow which increases nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue… Fat cells are readily broken down and the increased blood supply and lymph, aids removal of waste products.

The G5 Massager will:

  • increases blood circulation
  • helps in deep relaxation
  • assist in making tight muscles loose and more flexible
  • stimulates deep blood flow
  • relieve pain
  • Helps to break down cellulite…

Where is it used?

  • Neck & Shoulders: to ease strains and release tightness of muscles.
  • Spinal Column & Back: to aid relieve of upper & lower back pain.
  • Abdominal area: to promote blood circulation and warmth, increase digestion and aid in elimination of toxins.
  • Arms: to relieve fatigued arms.
  • Calf: to promote blood flow and ease tension in muscles.
  • Sole of Foot: to stimulate acupressure points of the feet, relieving tension throughout the whole body.
  • Waist: to relieve lower back pains and tension caused by bending & lifting.
  • Leg: to relieve tired & sore muscles, promoting blood flow to the area.