Functional Fascial Taping

Functional Fascial Taping®

Functional Fascial Taping available at Hull Sports Massage.FFT is a unique way to create an immediate and often significant analgesic effect and increase range on movement which accelerates rehabilitation of most if not all musculoskeletal injury and pathology.
The FFT ® method is a simple drug free alternative that can immediately decrease pain and increase range of motion, to encourage muscle firing and normal movement patterns. FFT taping method is non-invasive and can be applied to most regions of the body with equally impressive results. FFT is a simple drug free alternative that can be effective in modifying pain and increasing range of movement; it encourages normal movement patterns and allows for rehabilitation in a pain free environment.
What are the benefits?

The benefits of the FFT ® method are:
  • Analgesic pain relief (Drug Free)
  • Allows for activity and rehabilitation.
  • Provides immediate and long-term benefits.
  • Maintains higher levels of training and performance.
  • Non-invasive and cost effective form of treatment.
  • Immediate and long term benefits.
  • Step by step objective method

How does it work?

Most musculoskeletal conditions are multifactorial in nature and the presence of pain can be an interesting challenge to therapists. Unresolved musculoskeletal conditions result in the loss of function, flexibility and strength leading to joint stiffness and decreased quality of life.

The immediate response to pain and the tension/load created from the unique tape application provides an innovative analgesic effect for a prolonged period thereby creating comfort and ease and functionality.

This means the limb or area can move again pain free – function is restored – and muscles that have weakened can be exercised once more”!

Now for the technical bit if you are interested don’t worry if not.

  • FFT is thought to change afferent receptor input by reducing nociceptor stimulation to the central nervous system and the perception of pain experienced by the brain.
  • Mechanically, the taping method provides a constant tension and load to the tissue..
  • Sustained myofascial release applied over time, allows ongoing Propreception and Biofeedback.