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Exercise Therapy

Excersise Therapy available at Hull Sports Massage.Why is it important?

  • If we have been injured and are ready to start training again, the last thing we want is for the injury to recur.
  • To prevent this we should carryout functional strengthening and stretching exercises (i.e. routines that mimic the demands of the sport or activity) to bolster the part of the body which has been injured.
  • Such exercises will build up muscles and connective tissues that have been weakened by trauma and misuse,
  • This will allow you to perform at your best and decrease the risk of future injury.



  • Increased muscle size of and around the injury – aids recovery to full function…
  • Better nerve adaptation as the injured part is used more often – better reactions…
  • Changes in blood supply and metabolic rate to the injury site– aids nutrients, energy, Oxygen and capillary beds (even more blood supply).
  • More balanced biomechanics – walk, move or function at a better level…
  • Decreased risk of reoccurrence

What should you do?

  • It is important that you follow a progressive, safe, and effective programme of rehabilitation.
  • The site offers a comprehensive array of exercise regimes to cater for most injury scenarios.
  • As with most exercises, make sure you are able to follow the exercises prescribed

See sample exercises here

IMPORTANT As with all exercises, please make sure you have the  medical ‘all-clear’ before carrying out any of these exercises.