Sports Massage UK | Chosen By Top Athletes

Ben is fortunate enough to work with some of the UK’s leading Athletes including football teams, runners, boxers, cyclist and motor sport racers.

Over recent years Ben has been working with racing driver & Bentley ambassador Guy Smith, helping him to stay supple before a race and just as important helping him to recover after a race.

Guy Smith, Brand ambassador for Bentley.

This is what guy has to say about Ben.

“I have been going to see Ben for the last 4 years and it’s been a vital part of my preparation and recuperation pre and post event. After seeing Ben I feel relaxed and fresh and ready for any challenge the race throws at me and after the race I have to admit you feel pretty second hand and fatigued that’s where Ben works his magic and gets me feeling like new so I can carry on training and preparing for the next race, I’m pretty sure with out this support my performance would be greatly compromised”

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